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You have too many cats in your neighborhood?  Learn how you can help reduce the number by humanely trapping, it's the only method proven to work.


The City of Garland has approved a pilot Trap-Neuter-Return program and Garland Pawsibilities is here to mentor Garland residents by loaning humane traps for TNR (not to be euthanized at the shelter), giving tricks of the trade for trapping those hard to get cats, offering sterilization assistance when available and training for colony managers to provide for feral cats in the colony including feeding stations, shelter and medical care. We do not pick up feral cats from apartments, businesses or homes, nor do we transport the trapped cats for sterilization
 If you are interested in becoming a certified colony manager or volunteering with the TNR program email us at for more details.



Garland Pawsibilities will begin hosting monthly TNR clinics at the Pet Adoption Center in downtown Garland in October.  Become certified with Garland Pawsibilities and the City of Garland to be considered for financial sterilization assistance for your colony when available, loaner traps ($50 returnable check deposit for each trap) and training assistance. 

TNR Clinic - March 26, 2016
Pet Adoption Center
813 Main Street
1:00 - 3:00 PM

Training Materials Provided - Experience sharing
Sign up for the next TNR clinic here.


You can improve the lives of outdoor cats with Trap-Neuter-Return, the humane and effective approach for feral cats. To successfully trap, neuter, vaccinate, eartip, and return feral cats, you need a plan. These guidelines for humane trapping from Alley Cat Allies, the organization that helped introduce TNR to the United States, will get you on your way! The following training material was pulled from Alley Cat Allies website.

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Conduct Trap-Neuter-Return Guide

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